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You just made it to Orlando. But now you need to figure out how you’re going to get around the city. Figuring out taxis, hotel shuttle services, or rental car fees can be a hassle. Avoid all the trouble and upgrade your experience with a private limo from Backstage Limo.

Our team has limos for any type of Orlando visit. Our large fleet of vehicles also allows for customization of any size ranging from a 4 person vehicle to a 32 person bus. It is our goal to exceed your Orlando transportation needs. If you are looking to book a private limo rental in Orlando, contact Backstage Limo today.

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Benefits of Choosing Backstage Limo for Transportation

Getting around Orlando can be tricky, but our knowledgeable staff can provide you with the best route and tips for what to do around the city. Our Orlando attractions transportation services offer competitive rates and unbeatable service. We want to make not only getting around the city easier for you, but your overall trip to Orlando as well.

Many hotels offer shuttles. There are also taxis available, and rental cars. But we believe that limos and party buses add to the attractions experience. Limos provide:

Most shuttles can also only take you to one attraction. Our limos can both take you to your destination, and wait for you to take you elsewhere if desired.

Choosing a transportation service shouldn’t be a hard decision. If your priorities are comfort and luxury. Backstage Limo is happy to accommodate you. Let us help create the perfect Orlando experience.


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Popular Attractions in Orlando

Orlando is a unique city. It has more major attractions than almost any other city in the world. There are so many fun things to do in Orlando that you could easily spend weeks in the city and still not exhaust all the different experiences. Many people know Orlando attractions for its main, popular theme parks which include:

  • Disney World (6 different parks) – Orlando’s most popular attraction, Disney World, is home to 4 adventure parks and 2 water parks. It is definitely an attraction worth spending several days at as each park has many things to do.
  • Universal Studios Orlando – Many people love coming to this theme park as it offers Harry Potter World and the Islands of Adventure theme park. Universal Studios is a more affordable experience compared to Disney World, but still offers incredible and memorable activities.
  • SeaWorld Orlando – SeaWorld is perfect for animal lovers where you can actually get up close with some of the many animals that inhabit this park. They also offer many thrilling rides and water activities as well.

Our Orlando attractions limo services make visiting these parks more fun and special. Wait in fewer lines, travel faster, and have a customized experience with Backstage Limo.

Museums in Orlando Limo Services

Museums in Orlando

There are many museums around Orlando including the Orlando Science Center, Orlando Museum of Art, and even The World of Chocolate Museum.

Nightlife in Orlando limo services

Nightlife in Orlando

Many people love going out and exploring the city at night where they can experience a different side of Orlando culture.

Convention Centers Orlando limo services

Convention Centers

Orange County Convention Center is one of the hot spot places in Orlando, FL. Many visitors all over the year visit the convention center to attend a range of events.

Kennedy Space Center limo services

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center has its own place in history. It is one of the most important places to visit in Orlando if you are interested in us reaching the moon.

Explore Orlando With Us!

With all these different options to cater to any kind of person, Orlando is an optimal choice for many travelers.

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Our Orlando transportation services provide you with a unique experience that can be catered to any of your needs. We provide pickups from wherever is most convenient for you in addition to accommodating you with the services you need. Backstage Limo also offers late-night and overnight rentals to make sure you are getting home safe.

If you want to feel worry-free about your transportation needs, don’t hesitate to book with us. Transportation is essential to your trip and our team can help you get around with ease and luxury. Contact Backstage Limo by calling +1 (321) 945-3506 today.

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