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Kissimmee Airport Limo Service

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Florida‘s allure lies not just in its sun-kissed beaches and balmy weather but also in its diverse experiences. From the thrilling theme parks of Orlando to the natural beauty of the Everglades, the state is a treasure trove of adventures waiting to be discovered. For those flying into Kissimmee, the journey begins with reliable, comfortable airport transportation. Our Kissimmee Airport Car Service is ready to ensure that your transition from the skies to the wonders of Florida is seamless and enjoyable. With a fleet that includes the luxurious Cadillac XTS, the imposing Cadillac Escalade, and the festive Hummer Limo, Backstage Limousine offers personalized service to meet the unique needs of each traveler. Whether you’re here for business or leisure, our fleet ensures your first steps in Florida are taken in style and comfort.

Efficient Group Travel with Our Fleet

Whether for business conferences or family reunions, traveling in groups requires careful planning and coordination. Backstage Limousine excels in offering stress-free, coordinated travel solutions tailored to meet the needs of any group size. Our extensive fleet, including the versatile Sprinter Limo and the spacious Motor Coach, is equipped to ensure your group’s journey is comfortable and enjoyable. Customized to fit your group’s specific requirements, our service takes the complexity out of group travel logistics, allowing you to focus on the experience rather than the details. From picking everyone up at Kissimmee Gateway Airport (KISM) to ensuring timely arrivals at your chosen destinations, our commitment is to provide smooth and efficient transportation solutions.

Gateway to Central Florida with our Kissimmee Airport Limo Service

Kissimmee Gateway Airport (KISM) is a convenient entry point for travelers exploring Central Florida’s abundant attractions. With its efficient services and strategic location, this airport offers an intimate and hassle-free alternative to the region’s larger international airports. For those arriving here, our Kissimmee Airport Limo Service provides an elegant and comfortable beginning to your Florida adventure. Our chauffeurs, experienced in navigating the best routes, ensure you reach your destination promptly, whether it’s the bustling city of Orlando or the beaches of the Gulf Coast. By choosing our limo service, you opt for a travel experience defined by luxury, privacy, and personalized attention.

Seamless Connections at Kissimmee Gateway Airport: Your Gateway to Personalized Travel

As Backstage Limousine extends its services to passengers of KISM, we promise more than just a ride; we offer a comprehensive travel experience designed around your needs and preferences. From the moment your plane lands to the second you reach your destination, our services are tailored to enhance your journey every step of the way.

Flight Monitoring for Uninterrupted Service

Understanding the dynamics of air travel, where schedules can shift without notice, our flight monitoring service stands as a pillar of reliability. We keep a close watch on your flight’s arrival time, adjusting our schedules to match yours. This ensures that whether your flight is early, delayed, or on time, your chauffeur is always informed and ready at the precise moment, guaranteeing a seamless transition from air to land travel without any added stress.

Complimentary Meet & Greet: A Warm Welcome

To make your arrival at Kissimmee Gateway Airport as smooth and welcoming as possible, Backstage Limousine provides a complimentary meet-and-greet service. Our professional chauffeurs, recognizable by their polished appearance and personalized signage, will be waiting to welcome you when you enter the arrivals hall. This service is designed to eliminate any confusion or delays in meeting your ride, ensuring a smooth start to your journey.

Flexibility with Our Complimentary Wait Time

We acknowledge the unpredictable nature of air travel and its impact on your arrival times. That’s why we offer a generous 45 minutes of free wait time, giving you ample space to navigate baggage claim and customs at your own pace. This policy reflects our commitment to providing a relaxed and accommodating service that adjusts to your needs, not vice versa.

Safety is Our Priority

The foundation of our service is the unwavering commitment to your safety. Every chauffeur on our team has been meticulously vetted and undergoes extensive background checks and continuous training to ensure the highest standards of safety and professionalism. For families traveling with young children, we offer complimentary child or booster seats, ensuring the safety and comfort of our youngest passengers. This attention to detail in every service aspect underscores our dedication to your well-being and satisfaction.

Magical Journeys, Seaside and Epic Adventures

Transportation from Kissimmee Airport to Disney World

The route from Kissimmee Airport to the enchanting world of Disney World is one filled with anticipation and excitement. As families, friends, and Disney enthusiasts travel this path, the magic begins the moment they land. Backstage Limousine offers a seamless connection to this realm of fantasy, ensuring every traveler’s journey is as spellbinding as the destination. Our fleet, featuring the sophisticated Cadillac XTS and the family-friendly GMC Yukon, provides the perfect backdrop for the start of an unforgettable adventure. Disney World, with its iconic Cinderella Castle, thrilling rides across its four parks, and immersive character experiences, beckons visitors from around the globe. Our service ensures you don’t miss a moment of the magic, delivering you from the airport to the heart of the excitement with comfort and ease. The rate for sedan use starts from $159*.

Transportation from Kissimmee Airport to Port Canaveral

Starting a cruise from Port Canaveral offers the promise of adventure on the high seas, and the journey there should be just as serene and enjoyable. Located as a gateway to the ocean, Port Canaveral is a major cruise ship terminal that serves as the departure point for destinations far and wide. Backstage Limousine’s service from Kissimmee Airport offers a smooth transition to the beginning of your maritime journey. Our vehicles, such as the luxurious Cadillac Escalade and the spacious Escalade Limo, provide ample space for passengers and luggage, ensuring a comfortable ride to the port. Whether you’re setting sail on a tropical getaway or an international voyage, our professional chauffeurs make the journey to Port Canaveral a part of the vacation experience. The rate for sedan use starts from $234*.

Limo Service from Kissimmee Airport to Universal Studios

Universal Studios Florida offers a world of excitement and adventure for film enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. With Backstage Limousine’s limo service from Kissimmee Airport, the journey to Universal Studios becomes an extension of the park’s immersive experiences. Our fleet, including the glamorous Rolls Royce Phantom and the party-ready Hummer Limo, sets the stage for an unforgettable day among the movies. Universal Studios, home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Marvel Super Hero Island, and countless other attractions, offers something for everyone. From thrilling rides to behind-the-scenes looks at movie-making, our service ensures you arrive ready to dive into the action. The rate for sedan use starts from $159*.

Exquisite Travels with Kissimmee Airport Limo Service

Ready to experience the difference with Backstage Limousine? Whether it’s a family trip to Disney World, a cruise from Port Canaveral, or an action-packed day at Universal Studios, we’re here to make your travel as enjoyable as your destination. Contact us at (321) 945-3506 or to book your limousine and start your adventure in style. With Backstage Limousine, your journey is our priority.


Please note that the rates provided on this page are estimates for sedan use and are subject to change based on various factors, including, but not limited to, seasonal demand, specific vehicle availability, and changes in fuel prices. We encourage direct communication with our team to ensure the most accurate rates and tailor our services to your unique needs.

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