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Luxury Sedan Rental in Orlando

Hourly Rate $90/Hour    Passengers 3 Passengers    Luggage 3 Luggage
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The Cadillac XTS sedan is the epitome of luxury travel for up to four passengers, offering a sophisticated blend of comfort and style. The vehicle’s sleek black exterior is matched by an equally elegant interior featuring plush leather seats and high-end finishes that provide a serene environment for passengers. It’s an excellent choice for those requiring discreet yet luxurious transportation to events such as airport transfers, corporate meetings, or intimate celebrations like weddings and prom nights. Backstage Limousine’s Cadillac XTS ensures that every journey is not just a ride but a premium travel experience, whether a professional engagement or a personal leisure outing.


  • Luxurious Leather Seating: Ensures maximum comfort for all passengers.
  • Sleek Black Exterior: A sophisticated and professional appearance.
  • Advanced Climate Control System: Personalized temperature settings for each passenger.
  • Premium Audio System: High-quality sound for an immersive audio experience.
  • Ample Legroom: Spacious interior to accommodate passengers comfortably.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Ensuring a secure and worry-free journey.
  • Professional Chauffeur Service: Experienced chauffeurs for a smooth and reliable ride.

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