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Mercedes Sprinter Limo Rental in Orlando

Hourly Rate $225/Hour    Passengers 14 Passengers    Luggage 14 Luggage
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The Mercedes Sprinter Limo from Backstage Limousine is an elegant solution for various transportation needs, accommodating up to 14 passengers. The interior boasts luxurious, black leather seating that invites passengers to relax or engage in conversation, illuminated by customizable ambient lighting that sets the desired mood for the journey. Whether for a bustling airport transfer, a stylish arrival at a bachelor party, or a corporate group attending a conference, this vehicle ensures that every arrival is made with sophistication and comfort. With a blend of modern amenities and spacious design, the Mercedes Sprinter Limo is an optimal choice for those who value luxury and a high standard of service on the move.


  • 14-Passenger Capacity: Spacious enough to comfortably accommodate medium-sized groups.
  • Luxurious Black Leather Seating: Offers a premium and relaxing environment for passengers.
  • Customizable Ambient Lighting: Sets the tone for different occasions, from corporate to celebratory.
  • Ideal for Airport Transfers and Parties: Ensures stylish and sophisticated arrivals.
  • Perfect for Corporate Groups: Facilitates a luxurious and impressive presence at conferences and meetings.
  • Modern Amenities for Comfort and Entertainment: Equipped with the latest features for a pleasurable journey.
  • Spacious and Well-Designed Interior: Combines luxury with practicality.
  • Advanced Sound System: Provides a high-quality audio experience.
  • Climate Control for Each Passenger: Ensures a comfortable environment throughout the journey.

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